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Free DNS Hosting, Dynamic DNS Hosting, Static DNS Hosting, subdomain and domain hosting.

Update demo
[~] $ curl
Updated from 107.170.238.X to

IPv6 updates? Easy, just add v6.
[~] $ curl
Updated from to 2607:f0d0:1102:d5::2

Possible Uses:
  • Host your own site on your own connection from home/work/school/etc
  • Access your computer with a name (like or instead of a numeric IP address
  • Run your own http server, ftp server, or anything you want to install on your computer/server
  • Fetchable URL to update your IP instantly on our network if you have a dynamic address
  • Hosts even work for your LAN. If you have a LAN connected to the internet you can point hosts to private IP addresses (even private IPv6 addresses) and they will work within your network
  • Let your friends point to their own connection
  • Use web forwarding to transparently redirect a hostname to another URL. Let our servers handle the redirection
  • has been un-interrupted for hundreds of days at a time
  • is operated from multiple redundant high capacity well connected servers
  • The FreeDNS router setup guide with DD-WRT (v2) and the DD-WRT (v1) guide are guides that shows new users the most common/convenient configuration on a dynamic IP address, but is good for any new user to review to quickly understand the site flow.
Feature List:
  • Free DNS, Dynamic DNS, Static DNS services
  • Free subdomain hosting, free domain hosting, free backup dns, reverse IPv6 DNS hosting (forward/reverse)
  • Free URL redirection [web forwarding]
  • Paid services available for increased account capacity
  • Unlimited number of domains per account (yes really)
  • 5 free shared hostnames, use anywhere
  • 20 free subdomains per domain, use on your own domains only
  • INSTANTLY point or to any IP or URL
  • Supports every TLD on the Internet
  • Currently 54,215 other domains besides in our shared domain pool
  • Funding is supplied by the members who go premium. Funding goes directly to servers and high bandwidth connections they reside on
  • Robust support for CNAME, A, AAAA, MX, NS, TXT, LOC, RP, HINFO, SRV, CAArecords
  • Are you a web developer? You can use nameserver branding to name our nameservers as your own! Let us worry about the maintenance/redundancy
  • Round robin DNS supported (Multiple IP addresses for 1 hostname)
  • IPv6 forward AND reverse (both .int and .arpa) supported
  • Dynamic DNS supported, several clients for Win32 and UNIX available
  • Forward your hosts to any existing URL on the internet (even to a different port if your ISP blocks 80) with the Web Forward system
  • URL cloaking redirection supported, optionally hide real URL of your site in the address bar
  • Allows you to change web hosting providers without messy DNS propagation delays
  • Simple, fast, flexible and reliable interface, feedback is welcome
  • Works with any existing web host you may already be using for both DNS and hosting
  • If your web host goes down, visitors will see a "timeout" error instead of a "site does not exist" error, e-mail will also remain queued for 5 days
  • If you put a domain in, you can edit TTL, Minimum, Allow/Deny AXFR's, and approve/disapprove others from using hosts on your domain. You can also share your domain with the users of, or your own web site visitors using our 'webclude' feature
  • Support for vanity dns hosts (example: currently 54,215 domains in the shared pool
  • Fast and easy setup process. Setup an account in less than 5 minutes
  • Extremely reliable, fast, and redundant hosting, and interface
  • All updates go live instantaneously.
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