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Secondary hosting lets you use's secondary nameserver as a slave nameserver to your primary nameserver for your domain.

If you already have a domain's DNS hosted somewhere, and you are only looking for backup-DNS hosting, then this service is for you.

If you already have a domain in in the 'domains' area, then your domain is already using this feature.

To use this, you must enter your domain, and your primary nameserver's hostname. In order for this to work, your domain must allow AXFR transfers from or 2001:1850:1:5:800::6b, and be delegated to at your parent DNS servers.

AXFR transfers will originate from: or 2001:1850:1:5:800::6b to your defined master

Also note, you will NOT be able to edit hosts for your domain if you put it in here, this is ONLY for offsite backup-dns for your domain, and the changes you make on your primary nameserver will automatically be transferred to

DNS NOTIFYs are accepted. If you are responsible for maintaining your primary DNS server, make sure when you update your DNS records to also update your zone's serial number. Upon doing so, any change should send a notify (be sure to list it in the primary nameserver's SOA records) alerting to immediately download your latest changes.

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