Hurricane Harvey Relief
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Hurricane Harvey Relief
Raised: $713.52 so far ( new activations)

Posted August 29, 2017

Hey all,

I will be sending 100% of all monthly new premium subscriptions, and 2 months worth of yearly subscriptions received during August 25 to September 25, 2017 to an organization (or organizations) dedicated to assisting with recovery efforts of Hurricane Harvey.

It is best to contribute toward local already existing organizations in the community rather then any outside national, or international campaigns (unless those national organizations have a great track record).

So far I have identified some local organizations with existing roots to the region as candidates:
Houston Food Bank
HEB Grocery - Immediately sent a convoy of mobile kitchens, and has been serving hot meals ever since
UPDATE: In addition to providing immediate mobile kitchens to the area, HEB also donated $5M to JJ Watt's fundraiser!
Baker Ripley

Other possible campaigns, and organizations to consider:
All Hands Volunteers
Fundraiser Campaign organized by JJ Watt (Football Player)

If you know of any other reputable organizations to consider, please let me know along with any notes you know about them! You can also contribute to the above organizations directly as well if you wish.

This page may be updated as time goes on.

Best to you all.


Payments sent:
2017-08-30 : $100 sent to Houston Food Bank
2017-08-31 : $100 sent to HEB Grocery
2017-10-13 : $600 sent to All Hands Volunteers

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