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If you know of a supported client that is not listed here and have a moment, please drop me a note. dnsadmin@afraid.org so that I may add a link to it, thanks!

iOS/Android clients
FreeDyn for FreeDNS
Client Requirement: iOS
Allows you to perform automatic updates from portable Apple devices.

Available in the Apple App store as "FreeDyn for FreeDNS" or "FreeDyn Pro". Their pro version has support for multiple DNS providers.

Written by: FreeLands
Client Requirement: Apple PC or iOS
Available in the Apple app store, they have a client for both the Apple PC and iOS devices.

Written by: MingleBit
dDNS Broker (formerly IP Monitor)
Client Requirement: Mac
App that works for Mac that supports many sites, including FreeDNS.afraid.org (both legacy and v2 interfaces).

Available in the Apple app store.

Author provides Instructions for FreeDNS here

Written by: AppQuarter
Free DNS Android Updater (Google Play Store)
Client Requirement: Android
Android client that uses the latest v2 update interface

Written by: JDA

Router clients
Client Requirement: Supported by many routers, check their site for complete list
Linksys firmware mod for the ever popular WRT54G and many many others, supports afraid.org natively.

I wrote my own DD-WRT Setup Guide for FreeDNS.

IMPORTANT: This client works excellent! You must include your freedns.afraid.org update URL token in the "hostname" field for it to work. Please read DD-WRT with FreeDNS.afraid.org for setup notes. If you change your password, or delete/re-add your record, you will need to update your token within DD-WRT.

Written by: DD-WRT
Client Requirement: Supported by many routers, check their site for complete list
OpenWrt is described as a Linux distribution for embedded devices.

It seems all one needs to do is a simple cut & paste from the Direct URL page after installing the luci-app-ddns package.

NOTE! The following instructions were submitted by member Robin Hansson July 08, 2013:
If you use luci, choose freedns.afraid.org as service and enter the corresponding values below. Here is the /etc/config/ddns file for those not using luci, or prefer to config this way:

config service 'yourhostname'
option check_interval '10'
option check_unit 'minutes'
option enabled '1'
option domain 'yourhostname.mooo.com'
option force_interval '24'
option force_unit 'hours'
option service_name 'freedns.afraid.org'
option username 'yourhostname'
option password 'AWEFHAWFUWHEFIOWHE (the token extracted from the direct url)'
option ip_source 'network'
option ip_network 'wan'

On a final notice, you can (and should) trigger the hotplug event after configuring like this:
ACTION=ifup INTERFACE=wan /sbin/hotplug-call iface

NOTE #2! The following instructions was submitted by Jason Schaefer:
By the way, you should put a little blurb about openwrt and curl on your site. This is how we do it and its very easy and stable.

install curl (either "opkg install curl" or use luci gui)
add entry to cron (either "crontab -e" or use luci gui)
*/15 * * * * /usr/bin/curl -k https://freedns.afraid.org/dynamic/update.php?[random string]

This will update to your service every 15 minutes. Sometimes you must reboot the router before cron starts this process.

Also, openwrt.org is much more stable than dd-wrt and with the luci gui its very usable by novices.
Client Requirement: Supported by many routers, check their site for complete list
Tomato firmware now supports FreeDNS.afraid.org

2016-12-09 - I received the following report from user Bernz Pallek, which may be helpful to other users, so I am including here:
Method 1:
'Basic' --> 'DDNS' --> 'Dynamic DNS 1'... the 'Service' picker can be set to 'Custom URL', and then there's simply a 'URL' field, where the token-based URL can be placed verbatim. This will let Tomato take care of "scheduling" ( ie. it should update at sensible times, like when the WLAN reconnects and gets a different "external" / "uplink" address ).

Method 2:
'Administration' --> 'Scheduler' --> 'Custom 1'... enable it, and set the period to, say, 24 hours ( or whatever suits your needs ), then paste the token-based URL into the 'Command' field verbatim and prefix it with "wget ", eg. "wget http://sync.afraid.org/u/".
Client Requirement: Fritz!Box Router
I received this tip on how to configure the Fritz!Box:

    Hi there,

    I would like to let you know that I managed to get my Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7270 working with freedns. Fritz!Boxes are very popular here within Central Europe

    Product-Url: http://www.avm.de/de/

    In the router settings, move to the Dynamic DNS tab, choose "user defined" for the dynamic DNS provider, paste the "Direct URL" from afraid.org into the "update url" field and enter your domain name, username and password and there you go!

    Best regards from Austria,

MikroTik Script
Client Requirement: MikroTik (RouterOS)
Leshiy wrote this MikroTik adaptation and published it to the MikroTik forum. Above is a link to the thread, including comments, and instructions.

Written by: Leshiy Odessa
Client Requirement: Router
If you're up for loading custom firmware onto your devices, consider loading up the firmware of these guys. Works natively with FreeDNS.

Written by: Matthijs Kooijman
Client Requirement: A Spare PC to act as a router
PFsense is a very stable and actively developed project that can turn any PC into a internet router and do a range of things from simple to complex, it is also based on FreeBSD!
Client Requirement: A Spare PC, or linux
UMTSkeeper: keep your cellular UMTS/GPRS/GSM connection alive automatically

This can act as a gateway/router using a cellular uplink. Solves problems common to cell uplinks (such as automatic reconnect, dynamic dns updates, and bandwidth monitoring to avoid overages).

Written by: Mintaka
FREESCO is based on the Linux operating system that fits onto a single 1.44 meg floppy diskette (single floppy router).

Support for FreeDNS has been added to FREESCO v0.4.5+

FREESCO incorporates firewalling and NAT, which are resident within the Linux kernel, to help protect you and your network.

Written by: Lewis Baughman
Gargoyle Router firmware (www.gargoyle-router.com), is an open-source router firmware similar to DD-WRT. As of the latest release, 1.0.3. Gargoyle includes an update client for freedns.afraid.org.

Unlike many implementations Gargoyle supports SHA1 hashing of username/password, so the client can fetch the needed update url dynamically (users need not supply the key needed to do the update).

Written by: Eric Bishop
Cisco Routers and Dynamic DNS
Client Requirement: Cisco Router
Josh shares this tutorial on his blog of how to update dynamic DNS using the Cisco platform.

Written by: Josh Horton

Windows clients
FreeDNS Update
This is a very friendly client I have tested. It was designed specifically for FreeDNS, so there is no complicated setup process, it automatically logs into the system and downloads your update URL list.

Important Notes:
Username must be LOWERCASE.
Password is maximum length of 16 characters.

Written by: Techknow Professional Services
Dynamic IP Afraid.org Updater
Support Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008, SMTP Email Alerts for Critical Events when a record need to be updated or has failed. Advanced Event Logging System helps you track errors and report them back to us. Configurable Task Delay and Thread Priority (Multi-Threaded). XML Configuration File easy to understand. Very small program and service size, minimal memory usage.

Run as a Windows Service, and is free!

Written by: Steve Arbour
FreeDNS Update Service
I have written a new client to update the IP automatic.

It is a Windows Service that works in the lastest versions of Windows (Windows 7 and Windows 2008).

Also it has the possibility of sending an e-mail whenever the IP changes.

Written by: Oscar de los Santos
Dynamic DNS for FreeDNS
Client Requirement: .NET 2.0
This program is specifically designed to do dynamic dns updates for domains at FreeDNS (http://freedns.afraid.org). You only need to enter your username and password to start the updates. The update interval sets the amount of time between updates. You can also set the program to run at startup, and automatically minimize to the system tray.

Written by: Hank Allen
Blog Post: afraid.org and wget on windows
Client Requirement: wget
This is a blog post of how to setup your windows system to send in periodic automatic updates in the background using the popular and open source wget utility, combined with the built in windows scheduler.

Related links:
Wget for Windows (free download)

Written by: Brontosaurusrex
Direct Update
Free for 60 days, $19 to register, supports many other services as well.
Dynamic DNS Client & Dial Up Network Watcher
I have not tested, but have been made aware of that supports FreeDNS. Appears to be a feature loaded client that supports many popular Dynamic DNS services.
Wget for Windows
Copy this into your windows path, then you can run the downloadable .bat files generated in the 'Dynamic DNS' section to update your IP.
Makes periodic updates as a WinNT service.

Written by: Mark La Rosa

Windows/UNIX clients
Multi-platform multi-service client, runs on lots of different operating systems
Supports multiple service instances for multiple accounts support on Windows as well as Linux, has 'pending updates mode'

Windows dial up RAS trapping, ip update on connect, audible net status alerts, probably the most robust, tenacious dynamic dns client out there, now supports IPv6!

Written by: Bryan Hoover
Windows/unix client script for dyn dns update
Client Requirement: Perl
Have written a simple perl script for dynamic dns updates.

Am using it on windows, but should work for unix as well.

Written by: Roch Daneau
Client Requirement: PHP, wget
No Description Available

Written by: Giovanni A. D.
Client Requirement: PHP
This client will not generate any internet traffic until your IP changes, and checks for a IP change every 5 seconds, fast and efficient.

Written by: Joshua Anderson

UNIX clients
afraid-dyndns (Multi-platform)
Client Requirement: Perl
This is a client for the afraid.org dynamic DNS service. If a cron job detects the external IP address has changed it connects to afraid.org and updates the DNS entries of all the domains of the given account.

This client is available in the YUM repo via : yum -y install afraid-dyndns

It has also been tested on Mac OSX

2017-12-11: I received the following notes from a member:
Just wanted to let you know that this website is not reachable.

But I found the following github repositories which seem to host continuations of that software:

Written by: Erick Calder
Client Requirement: Perl
ddclient supports many services, including 'freedns'

Sample config:

syslog=no # log update msgs to syslog
#mail=root # mail all msgs to root
#mail-failure=root # mail failed update msgs to root
pid=/var/run/ddclient.pid # record PID in file.
ssl=yes # use ssl-support. Works with
# ssl-library

use=if, if=eth0

# Sample #2 (Provided 2013-08-20 by Anki Borgh who reported difficulty with example above)
# use=your_router #If supported, can be listed with ddclient --help
# server=freedns.afraid.org
# protocol=dyndns1
# login=login_name
# password=the_password
# somedomain.mooo.com

Update #3 2013-09-17 as noted by user Harald Brinkmann:
Using ddclient for afraid.org requires ddclient version 3.8.1 (that's the latest version available) and "protocol" *must* be set to "freedns". Using ddclient 3.8.0 produces weird results and a couple of protocol options sort-of work, but not really. I guess that that is the source of the problem Anki Borgh reported. Maybe you can update your info for the benefit of the next person struggling with setting ddclient.

Update #4 2014-07-23 Pásztor Szilárd reports that "username" must be lowercase or else you will receive "could not authenticate" error.
Mac FreeDNS updater
Client Requirement: OSX/Iphone
Neat way to have Mac's keep their IP up to date.

Written by: Philip Cheney
FreeDNS Init Script
Some clever shell scripts to update IPs upon init

With these you can provide your IP via any means, including fetching it from your router using curl, or making SNMP calls which would not generate any Internet traffic until your IP actually changes.

Written by: drbrain9k and disi
Client Requirement: bash, curl, sed, ip (iproute2)
The script can be run from a cron script and will report only changes and error conditions.

Also has the optional feature of updating an internal nameserver with the external IP address.

Written by: Steven J Newbury
Bash Dyn DNS Checker
Client Requirement: grep, egrep, curl, echo, sed, ifconfig, date, tail, cut, cat, ping and rm
A client which gathers your current IP from a remote website, ifconfig, or a near-by router.

As of the time of this writing supports:

DLink DI-624
DLink DI-624+
Netgear TA612V
Netgear WGT-624
Digitus DN 11001
Client Requirement: PHP
No Description Available

Written by: Andrew Hooper
Works with multiple dynamic DNS services, only does update if IP changes. Shell/cron based.

Written by: Mariusz Kaczmarczyk
Client Requirement: PHP
Modification of Andrew Hooper's script to support SNMP

Written by: Ching Yonghan
PHP update script
Client Requirement: PHP
No Description Available

Written by: Osman Darcan
Client Requirement: Perl
No Description Available

Written by: Werner Bleckwendt
Client Requirement: Perl
No Description Available

Written by: Charles Puffer
Client Requirement: wget
Shell script update client

Written by: Ernest Danton
Client Requirement: wget
Cron based update script, works on all linux type systems.

Written by: Adam Dean
Amazon EC2 update script (self contained)
Client Requirement: curl
Simple and entirely self-documented.

Written by: Christian Gunning
Perl update script
Client Requirement: Perl
I have attached a revised version of the Perl script. My version forks itself off to the background and so may be launched as a Linux service.

Written by: Kevin Bach

DNS Auth Trace

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+3 stealth flags
Wildcard DNS
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exclamationTip #1
Keep your email address current in the preferences area. If you forget your password, the only way you will be able to recover your account, is via the supplied email address.
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