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About Us

The site FreeDNS began in 2001 because founder Joshua Anderson wanted to have fun with his domain hobby. He wanted to create a safe environment where other programmers could share domain names with one another at no cost, starting with friends. With that in mind, he launched the site from his domain AFRAID.ORG. In the beginning, like-minded tech lovers offered him a server and bandwidth to make his dream a reality. Over time, the site grew to include more members and more space was required. He realized that, in order to provide the same service to his growing list of users, he had to find a way to generate an income.

Like many Internet users, he wasn't a fan of advertising from day one. So rather than fill the site with third-party ads, as some free locations do, he created extra services that he could turn into a premium package. He knew these services had to offer individuals and businesses something they couldn't find elsewhere for the price. To this day, the paid subscription service of FreeDNS goes back into the company - be it promotion, research or just being a place technologists can explore their love of the web.

Josh has long enjoyed network operations and infrastructure scaling. Starting with only a single system, the premium support has been put toward creating a carefully selected geographically diverse network and infrastructure as only exclusively through premium support has made it possible to do. The entire network is now routinely processesing over 7 billion requests per month as seen on the [DNS Query Stats] page.

About the members

Our members have a range of backgrounds and projects from all walks of life, from enabling hobbyists and tinkerers to reach their home network from work (and vice versa), to designers and web developers, cloud developers, bloggers, to cutting edge VC backed startup companies, from congressional representatives to electrical co-ops, there have been manufacturing of multiple sorts, home (housing) builders, property developers, PC builders, electronics manufacturers to coffee shops, restaurants, and schools (classroom use) in US and abroad, there have been photographers, artists, entertainers, churches, and musicians/bands, robotics builders, chiropractors, realtors, insurance agents, flower shops, karate schools, PC game server operators (including minecraft)... and many many more.

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