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This area is only used if you own domain(s) in the system, of which there are 3 possibilities, based on FreeDNS being a shared DNS system.

1). Shared: Public - If you add your domain as public, this queue will not be used at all, others will be permitted to create subdomains off your domain without involving you.

2). Shared: Private - If you add your domain as private, this is the area you will screen your domains of which you decide to keep, or deny. While domains are in the queue they will function. By choosing this, you agree to only deny those that you deem offensive, or slanderous.

3). Non-Shared: Invisible / Stealth - If you add your domain as stealth (premium members only), your domain will not be available for anyone else but you to use, and this queue will not be used at all. (Becoming a premium member can be done at any time, easily).

Should you encounter anyone attempting to misuse your domain, please contact support.

Also from the site's FAQ:
FAQ #3: What is the difference between a private and public domain?
FAQ #14: I want to add my own domain into here, what do I need to know?

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